Monday, February 26, 2007

signs of spring

if all the blossoms on the trees and bulbs peeping aren't screaming spring right now, at least the rain's pouring - again. i don't mind the rain so much but prefer the rainy season I remember in panama. in the tropics the sun comes back out when the rain finishes its drips. out here we're likely to stay gray for the day. but really I'm not complaining! i have to remember not to complain about california - it's a great place to live. but being from panama it's hard not to bash certain things :o) (like the crowds and the traffic) and the frigid ocean - brrr!

the first healthy looking camelia bloom on the little plants i've had for a few years - maybe they like their new spot!

tulips pushing up...if only i could remember what colors i planted...purples and reds?

crocosmia - i love it, j thinks it hangs over the driveway too much.

the coolest looking cala lilies around!

jasmine getting ready to burst...yummy

nice looking avocado eh? unfortunately it's the ONLY one that made it through the two weeks of frosty nights we had in january. it's not like we had that many on the tree to begin with either. phylo was stealing the ones that would drop, then would nibble them down to the seed. he's a naughty naughty dog...with good taste.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A trainscape of yonder year

I just finished a really fun mural job that involved painting a landscape for an "O"scale model train (circa 1897) that will run around a track near the top of the wall. It's such a neat idea and the whole thing turned out so nicely. The landscape is filled with little houses, a barn, train station, dogs running in the hills, a lighthouse, a soft hazy sky on the ceiling. I'll have better pics camera on its way!

Train station...waiting for arriving passengers.

Friday, February 9, 2007

My 1st etsy sale!

Maggie the Owl Plush has found a home in NYC! I hope she enjoys the city life and has lots of adventures ahead. Thanks to India y La Luna shop on etsy for putting me in her treasury list and therefore getting me noticed so soon into my etsy days! Please visit her shop and check out her beautiful work - earrings which I will be buying a pair of soon, and the cutest little baby rattles. And of course check out my shop too - I'm going to be posting more plushes in a couple days - 2 whales and a penguin and more mini owls.

fairies and castles and other lovely things

I just finished a really adorable mural for two wonderful little girls. It's too fun to come up with these designs and make little stories inside them - someday...I will put a book together with all the characters and scenery I love to paint!

One side is the fairy castle with fairies enjoying their past times - planting flowers and swinging from the trees. A bunny is hanging out in the shade. Hard to see in the pic, but the castle has lots of 'blingy' details :o) I used golden's gorgeous gold paint in the base coats and also full strength for the butterfly at the castle entrance.

The other side has a flock of butterflies led along by a majestic fairy on a flower chariot (from a really classic children's illustration - done in my colors and style). And a fairy picking flowers among the mushroom forest.

Next week I'm painting something really cool too - a scenery backdrop for a real scale model train. The train will run along its track all way around the room - up by the ceiling. I'll also paint a sky for the ceiling.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

1st post! ...and my stuff on etsy

so i'm finally getting into the blog world...maybe it'll help me to organize myself (pics, random thoughts, etc.) better - who knows about that one! at least this can be a spot for me to more easily show what i'm working on - more so than updating my websites. ha ha...another reason to procrastinate on updating my sites :o) anyway, i hope you enjoy the blog! i promise to update as often as possible. and here's my very first pic - the newest stuff on my very new etsy shop: you can also find me at and