Monday, September 29, 2008

owlings and a first attempt at cardio

Cute owling plush I just whipped up for an etsy alchemy order.

SO many ideas for new product/paintings running through my head today.

Maybe it's because I actually got to go for a run today...yes, an actual run! It was my first in months. I stopped running around month 4 or 5 when pregnant with Miranda and now she's nearly 4 months old - so that's a while! Jared thought of the plan to come for lunch and watch Mbird while I hit the park. Not only did he do that, but he also came along for a lap (walking) with Miranda in the ergo carrier and Phylo yelping at squirrels. He's such a sweetie. I think he knew I was bummed Phylo probably wouldn't get a walk if I went without him (and I normally have to coerce Jared into walking so it really was a nice thing to do). If I had taken Phylo my run would have been more lively than I needed for a first time out. I didn't do too bad - 4 laps, 20 min. of cardio. End result - sore legs and knees, red face, full out panting.

It felt SO good :o)

xo, devon

Thursday, September 25, 2008

something to think about...

I admit I've been curious about "EC"
If you're brave, click on the links :o)

diaper free baby

natural wisdom

I figure they're doing it all over the world, why not give it a fair shake? We're pretty comfortable in our society yet we can really learn a lot from other cultures. It's so funny to see how 'hot' slings are these days when people have been carrying their babies around in slings since ancient times. I do still get funny looks at the park when carrying Mbird in a sling, or ergo, or some other carrier. But maybe they're looking at me funny for other reasons - lady being dragged by hound dog yelping ferociously at squirrels and the lady happens to be carrying a baby - in a sling. That's probably what it is :o)


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I just got my hair cut!!

I was about to take any sharp object within reach and whack it to pieces, but instead I left it in my favorite stylist's hands (thank you blair!) and she made it cute again :o)

And thanks to my sweetie for taking a long lunch so I could duck out - someone had to keep miss Mbird happy eh?

Oh, and this print is just about ready to head into the shop. Colorful, warm - perfect for fall!

'fireflies' - gouache on watercolor paper

have to share...phylo doing what he does best - getting in the way and being cute about it

xo, devon :o)

Friday, September 19, 2008

etsy friday favorites

wow, friday almost slipped through my fingers! it's been that kind of naps from miranda and too many things to accomplish with a cranky yet still grinning baby in tow :o)

enjoy these lovelies!

incredible stuff...such great character

& now i'm being booted from the computer so...
happy weekend!
xo, devon

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


our haul from the weekend:

apples from our tree...the perfect kind for pie

figs from ask miss mommy's tree - dinner was lovely too!

the most deliciously fragrant lilies and cute kabocha pumpkin from the Japantown farmer's market

this girl really knows how to laugh!

my friend lizzie made this fab onesie for mbird - lizzie's shop is here and she has other cuteness for sale including giant adorable bibs that miranda will be using before long as well.

It's been an interesting past few days...miranda has been sleeping for longer stretches (!) -I think due to some magical pajamas. But she is over 3 months and eats well, and is now in her own crib next to the bed so that probably explains some of it. But she is waking up at different times each morning - sometimes 6am, sometimes 5:30, one time at 7am!, and this morning at 4:50am. And this morning was SO odd/funny - I think she thought it was real wake up time. She chowed down so much milk that she was totally pukey and I couldn't lay her back down without her choking. But she just wanted MORE and kept eating after I would burp her and try to lay her down again. By about 6ish, I thought OK, she's gotta be sleepy by now. But she then started into a string of conversation - coos and blub blubs and ooooohs!. Jared never fell asleep after waking at 5, so he headed out to work and told me later he heard her from outside as he was pulling away - just talking up a storm...maybe she was trying to explain a funny dream :o)

In other news...quite unrelated, I'm working on a new custom owl for a client who has one of my really large swan paintings. I'm designing a barn owl plush for her. Should be fun...just need to find the time to work on it!

happy tuesday, xo, devon

Friday, September 12, 2008

my etsy friday faves

I'm always finding such cool stuff on etsy - since I obviously can't take everything home with me, I might as well share it with you! Here are my favorites from the week :o)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

too much to blog about, but i'll give it a try

This apple has nothing to do with today's post. I picked it today from our tree...that's all - just a random apple shot - oh, and it was tasty! :o)

It was a crazy day here yesterday - lots of drama. It was my first outing without Mbird (walking Phylo around the park doesn't count & and I've only done that without her twice) and I was headed to the dentist (terribly exciting right?). As I rolled to a stop (or was it a rolling stop...) at the end of the street a policeman came to the car and said he needed to search it! There was apparently a search on for some guys who had gotten away from the cops and were wanted for serious things. Please, go ahead and search my car...not going to find anything but okay :o) I called Jared and told him to lock the doors!

On my way back from the dentist (feeling so fresh and clean!) I noticed my typical route home was blocked with police cars galore and the SWAT team! What? I managed to find a way toward the house but as I turned onto the street before mine, I was confronted with another officer who said the street was closed and I needed to turn around. Turn around? With my 3 month old daughter waiting at home for me - and needing to eat soon?? I didn't think so! His demeanor didn't help much, but I admit I got fairly sassy with the guy. I ended up parking there, then ignoring his statement that I wouldn't be allowed down the street. I actually gave him a childish 'whatever!!' ;o) I was a little peeved I guess. Anyway, there was no one blocking the street and I headed to the house where Jared and Mbird were just fine. A few minutes later we heard the police had caught the bad guys and would open the neighborhood soon. We heard on the evening news that the guys the police caught were actually 2 men and 3 women and they had been in a car chase that happened to turn into our neighborhood. What turned the car chase into a foot pursuit was their very unfotunate collision with our brand new library (so wrong!).

I walked Phylo around the park today as usual and recognized the house the suspects had been hiding in. It was literally right across from where we walk every day - so odd to have stuff like that happen here! Anyway, glad they're in custody and out of our neighborhood - I just hope our library can get patched up quickly. It's literally brand new since June.

belly laughs!

practicing her crawling :o)

In other I've been absent for awhile...I swear I'll be a better blogger soon! I need a routine that includes Miranda. I'm hoping she starts napping better soon. And I suppose that's part of the 'other news' - things are great with our little Mbird! Definitely some things we're working on but it's really getting more fun. My biggest challenges are: naps - not longer than 30 to 40 min. if she's by herself (otherwise she can sleep for over 2 hours in the sling on one of us!), no sleep through the night (a few nights ago I swear I fed her 4 or 5 times between 9pm and 7am - like a newborn!), car rides - total scream fests (she feels so alone back we're not going out in the car very much these days), and no bottle feeding just yet (she knows there's something better and won't accept anything else). But to counter all those things are the most delicious laughs and smiles. The other day Jared said Mbird smiled so enthusiastically at him she nearly fell off the pillow she was propped on :o) :o) I love her spirit and love that I can see bits of what she's going to be like as she grows up - it's totally exciting.

not the kind of beach I grew up with but it's growing on me

Y que mas? Well, we went to the beach for the weekend (first vacation since Mbird joined us) with friends and had the best time. Can't wait to do it again soon! I need to get back to sewing and painting and stocking my shop in order to afford more beach house renting. And speaking of shop news...I just received a shipment of new paper I'll be switching to for prints. Hahnemuhle paper is fabulous, museum quality, archival grade stuff and I picked up a sample pack to test out which weight/textures I prefer. I've been using Epson's 'fine art velvet paper' - it's also beautiful in its finish and makes my prints very happy, but I've heard such great stuff about Hahnemuhle I just have to try it.

It's getting late...and Miranda has been asleep for an hour. That means the clock is ticking till she wakes up to nurse - coud be anytime really. Cross your fingers she's having sweet dreams and lingers happily in dreamland for awhile. I've still got to shower and tidy up inside before I can join her. Good news is that she's now out of our bed and in her crib next to our bed. Baby steps!

Sweet dreams to all :o) Devon