Saturday, May 31, 2008

the game

the game, originally uploaded by devonindustry.

A time killer for sure :o) But fun, too...I loved making this little mosaic and checking out other people's 'games' mosaics.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lovelies to Share

Crayon Rocks
Don't these look fun to hold and draw with? I'd never go back to skinny coloring sticks.

Berry Bowl
Fab idea! I want one...overflowing with organic strawberries please!

Volumes by Anna Maria Horner
Thinking of using this for our headboard...tufted, covered buttons in orangey-red...yummy!

Saltbox Birdhouse
Going in the baby's room...part of a mobile project I'm planning.

Dittany by Liberty of London
The price per yard is steep, but the fabrics are amazing. Small projects probably - teeny pillows, plushes, pincushions...

Have a terrific day :o) devon

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Destash Fabric Sale

In my shop right now!

I hope to add more, but there's some great stuff there for now :o)

xo, devon

Oh, Summer I love you

We've been eating more 'seasonally' this year and I tell ya, when you bite into the first locally grown organic (not to mention truly ripe) peach of the year after not having one since last summer you will totally flip! I experienced that yesterday :o)

And also yesterday...instead of finishing the paint scraping on the windows (because it was SOOO windy and the paint chips were flying all over the garden - not good)...we picked our cherries!!

Yep, and this year's harvest was not one,

...but two deliciously overflowing bowls of the sweetest jewel red cherries ever. Wish we could share - really!Ok, now I really must get going on bathroom stuff - tiling/painting - sigh, it's just not getting done by itself...I could just go eat cherries, but I think J counted them all before leaving ;o)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Starting to panic, or at least a sense or urgency :o)

So the baby could arrive anywhere from the next 2 to 7 weeks...whew whew...must breathe!
I had this realization yesterday and I swear my blood pressure went through the roof. There's still way too much to do. I still haven't finished the tile in the bathroom, but at least we have a toilet now - hooray!! All thanks to Jared by the way - I take no credit for that fantastic milestone of the project.

Anyway, gotta go walk the Phylo dog (my first baby). He's been so patient as I've been gone all day.

Here are pics from after my two recent baby showers. I'll post more on those at some point and share some cute pics. We've got such lovely friends I tell you :o)

At 33 weeks

At 34 weeks (a few days ago...guess I'm technically in my 35th week)

xo, devon

Friday, May 16, 2008

head over heels...& stalking the postman

This is a fabulous spread for Anna Maria Horner's new fabric line, the 'Drawing Room'. I'm so blown away, and SO inspired I nearly cried when I saw her new stuff. She's just a fabulous designer and it gives me hope that someday (soon?) I'll get back into textiles and will one day - maybe oh maybe!! - have my own fabric lines too.

Please check out her stuff - you'll be amazed!

I ordered two pieces of fabric yesterday - can't wait till they arrive!! for the baby's room curtains:

And a small piece of this for pillows in the baby's room:

I would really like one of these for the bathroom, but I'll know better once we actually FINISH the bathroom and get the wall color picked out, etc.

Speaking of, I need to get priming the bathroom...the paint fairies didn't visit us last night. And we've given up hope on the tiling fairies. They're lazy and haven't come by at all to help. Alas, we'll be tiling all weekend I'm afraid. Oh well :o)

OOh, and this is random but I'm looking all over for this little side table for our LR. It's from ikea and only $24! may be an old product they don't have anymore. That would be a bummer, but I'm asking over at ikeafans to see what they think. Have YOU seen it?Have a very lovely day and stay cool if you're in the bay area like me - 97 is hot hot hot!! Usually I love the heat but it seems to be giving me more 'braxton hicks' contractions than I would prefer in a day. And, no, I'm not going into labor just yet. I had a talk with the baby last night and reminded her that she has at least 6 more weeks to simmer so she has to settle down in there :o)

xo, devon

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New fabrics to go nuts over :o)

Would love them all, but have a true need for at least two ;o)

sweetheart bandanna - oh my!

darling! & perfect for cutting out and applying as patches yes?

Would be a fab addition to the living room...probably for pillows. This could also be terrific paired with other yummy fabrics for the amy butler gumdrop pillow/ottoman puff I've been meaning to make. Have you seen that pattern? Super fun - just need to get to it sometime. I'm also maybe a little nervous about it...can you believe I've never made anything from a pattern before?? I've always just made my own patterns - drawing and reworking. A pre-made pattern presents a whole new challenge - following directions! Now that is hard for me.

This might be the perfect curtain fabric for the baby's room! Isn't it just lovely - pretty, interesting, a little mysterious - a secret forest of hidden treats. And her room, while full of many colors because my design ethic doesn't really embrace 'less is more', will predominantly be highlighted with reds and purples.

meadow owls

noguchi sage - rad!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A teeny break

From all the work we've been doing...sadly neglecting my little blog journal - sorry!

We're still madly working to finish the bathroom...still trekking outside to my studio bathroom for every pee break and shower. Yep, and at 7.5 months prego that's starting to get old!

I'll be checking in for a better post soon. I have TONS of new work to share and get into my shop, and I'm planning a huge destash sale - yea!!

I'll keep ya posted, devon