Monday, April 27, 2009

Shop Update::Wooly Flora Brooches

In the shop now!

4 new Wooly Flora Brooches

Made with my own handmade felts (and some Belgian flat felt) - all 100% wool and super soft and pretty.

Teeny stitches and french knots, with layered felt leaves, and pinbacks to finish them off. These totally make an outfit!

As usual, hard to resist keeping one for myself...

Have a lovely day :o)
xo, devon

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another thing to love about April

Irises :o)

Ours are going nuts. I find myself peeking out the front windows at them, and lingering about them before and after walks.

This morning we drank coffee and ate strawberries on the front porch and got to admire the purply, bluish, & golden gorgeous gals even more.

It was short-lived though...Mbird has ventured into sleep patterns we're totally exhausted by unfamiliar with and naps have gone from 1.5/2 hours long to a mere 30 minutes if we're lucky. And yesterday that's all the sleep she got, and boy it was painful - for all of us. Today we're following some advice from the book "The No Cry Nap Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. So far so good (things aren't back to normal, but at least a bit better) and hopefully we'll just go up from here. Then we'll tackle the nighttime sleep! Getting work done during the week has been such a challenge...I don't even want to go into it. I have some deadlines coming up and all I can assume is that it's going to be a lot of late nights!!

Have a beautiful Saturday...I'll be back with pics of new wooly flora brooches (headed into the shop Monday!).

xo, devon :o)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The April Escape & New Old Things

Our trip to Florida was such a great time...really, even with a 10 month old :o) Especially with a 10 month old. Miranda had us cracking up all the time and it was awesome to introduce new things to the big Atlantic Ocean, the Everglades, and tons of family she had never met before.

We spent our first night at Jared's aunt's house in Sanford, right on a river's edge.
Magical, really.

Hello up there Bird.

We drove down to Palm Beach for my brother's wedding the next day. It was a gorgeous day, a beautiful and very touching ceremony right on the beach, and the reception just steps away.

So fun to see family again...there they are, talking with their hands ;o)

Miranda's great Uncle Al sketched her while she snoozed on Jared. Look for that framed in her room later on - it came out so sweet.

Jared looked fab in his new tie we bought on Etsy.

Whew! We were tuckered out...all that dancing!

After wedding hoopla, we spent a few days hitting the beach and exploring the "real Florida". We so enjoyed John D. McCarthur State Park...the beaches, spinner sharks catapulting in the air, warm ocean waves, sea oats and other funky foliage, lizards galore...

Mbird really enjoyed the sand!

I mean REALLY enjoyed the sand ;o)

She may have had more fun than we did.

Just one of the many reasons I love Jared...he's willing to do things I would never try. Like take our daughter into those big Atlantic waves - hoisting her into the air when they'd come rolling in. She had a blast :o)

Mmmmhh, salty.

This is how quite a few of our days ended.


Back home...
We finally got a laundry line up...I found a fabulous 'hook house' and vintage clothes reel off Ebay. Then we washed up our wedding regalia and watched it float in the breeze - how lovely.

Oh beautiful dress, I will wear you again soon. Maybe with a wide belt and sandals? How about a denim jacket?

(Should I post pics of the 4 way access clothespin bag I just whipped up...?)

And today Miranda is 10.5 months old. I guess it really does go by fast.

xo, devon

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back from Sunshine Land

We're back from our Florida trip and I've got lots to share... :o)

I will say that Miranda's headband turned out awesome! That is, until she busted it halfway through the wedding ceremony. That was right after breaking the elastic band of my bracelet, causing big freshwater pearls and tiny onyx and coral beads to tumble into the sand, some of which will never be seen again - at least by me!

I'll be back later...xo, devon :o)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And here we go

Off to Florida for my brother's wedding...

Ready to get dressed up (still have to finish Mbird's headband - there's a peek below), enjoy the ocean and some sunshine, and have a little vacation...goodness knows we need it! I know it may not be restful, but at least it will be something different.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter :o) See you in a week!
xo, devon

Friday, April 3, 2009

First farm share is here!

fuji apples
forono beets
swiss chard
chantenay carrots
red russian kale
lakeside romaine lettuce
red and green cabbages
collard greens
oyster mushrooms
1/2 dozen pastured eggs (oh my gosh, these are SO good!!)

All organic and grown locally (well, about an hour away) and picked the same day you pick up your box. And, I have to say, a stellar deal if you were to buy all of these items organic from a grocery store.

Now back to the parents arrive tomorrow and I have to prep my studio into guest house mode. And so many other things to do that my head is totally spinning. We leave in less than a week for my brother's wedding and that's only adding to the silly craziness of this time of year. That and all the caffeine I've ingested today :o)

Happy Friday to you and a lovely weekend, of course!
xo, devon

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cute solution for cheeky crib chewer

Crib - it's what's for dinner, and breakfast, and snacks before and after every nap.

But not anymore!

The evidence:

The solution:

The result:

Thanks to Miss Mommy for the idea :o)

Have a lovely Thursday!
xo, devon

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now this is something to look forward to :o) !!

Too bad we've got to wait till October!

xo, devon