Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What I've been up to :: Round Two!

Our Bird is going to be a big sister!

It's been so difficult to hold back with the fun news...mostly because it hasn't been much of a party & I wanted to be able to complain to all of you about the nausea & exhaustion ;o) I don't remember my pregnancy with Bird taking this much of a toll physically but I also didn't have a toddler around before to sap my strength and desire to go above and beyond what I feel up to doing.

So, I'm totally behind where I wanted to be with work on designing and printing fabrics, but with my limbs having grown into the sofa the past few weeks I can say it's been impossible to spend hours in the studio during nap & bedtimes. I'm (YAY!) starting to feel a little better - coming out of the queasy fog - and it's good timing. I have my SIL ready for fabrics from me for her custom purse line, I have a big sale in November that I would love to fill with lovely goods made from my own very fabrics as well, and I'm still enthused & inspired from my weekend with Heather and definitely ready to take it all on and start stocking my shop.

The clock is ticking...this baby is due early March (and if anything like Bird, it will probably be February). We're psyched to be adding to our family and giving Bird a sibling (her ultimate dream it seems). Besides my textile design work there's no shortage of projects we'd like to cross off the list in the next few months. We've already completed a few - some minor, some more boastable - finishing trim & painting out Bird's closet, total basement overhaul, getting our bathroom door to close (finally). This weekend we're taking advantage of the extra day and going for a twofer - replacing basement doors & sanding/sealing backyard deck. I'll be ready to put my feet up by the end of the weekend I'm sure.

Cheers to a new baby! And to new challenges & opportunities to grow.
Hugs, Devon :o)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sewing: Phylo gets a new collar

New collar
It's not easy to photograph a wiggly GSP who'd much rather be hunting mice who have been hiding in the garden (you should see the hole Phylo dug by the garage...), much less with a wide angle lens I have to hold inches from his face (counting the days till I have my Nikon kit lens back...SO over the wide angle). But here he is in his fresh new collar!

New collar
The collar was originally from
Annie's Sweat Shop on etsy - super cute, got it 3 years ago and it's been through the wash a million times, plus lived the GSP life. It was dangling by threads about a week ago. So I ordered cotton webbing, perused my fabric stash for durable fabric that would complement Phylo's lovely brown spotted white fur, and studied his old collar.

New collar
The sewing part was really easy actually. I drew myself little sketches to remember which way to loop the fabric through the parts & then (just like with a painting or any other project) proceeded carefully with each step. The final touch is a "silent tag"...attached to the collar using grommets (first punching little holes for the grommets with an awl). I love it! And it's adorable on our boy. The fabric is by
Etsuko Furuya and is a linen/cotton blend, nice and sturdy. I actually used a more lightweight webbing for the interfacing because my sewing machine frankly can't handle any more than that - and it barely handled this project. I got at least two "safety warnings" as I slowly prodded the needle through all those layers.

Now to keep him from digging holes and getting his new collar all filthy!
Hugs, Devon

My helper
ps: This is what not napping looked like yesterday - Bird helped me construct an ikea shelf. We had a really great time - my girl loves tools!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And back home

Bird in the window

We're home from sunny HOT texas...happy to be getting back into some form of routine. & do I ever need a dedicated work day. My brain is popping with ideas & I'm working on a couple of projects using my Spoonflower printed fabric. Can't wait to get on it & share with you.

Have a lovely day!!
hugs, Devon