Monday, February 24, 2014

Stills 8/52

Stills...following along with Beetleshack.

Huge rosehips mingling with blackberry vines starting to waken.

The sleeping game.

Organizing all the crafty bits.

Phylo, who doesn't enjoy having his picture taken but shamelessly expressing his desire to go for a walk already.

Drowning in kids artwork...I love it all, don't know what to part with, have to deal with, it grows daily, hourly!

Back massages.

The animal doctor (Tierartz) at work.

First mini-daffodils. Rays of happiness.

This week...oh this week - and last week for that matter. Sooo sick...bronchitis, pink eye, hacking away, energy-less, head throbbing, why doesn't it go away??...hoping to turn a healthy corner in a day or two or I'm off to the doctor. It really gets me thinking seriously about my health...quitting sugar for good? Enforcing earlier bedtime? I think I really need to do myself some favors.

xo Devon

Monday, February 17, 2014

Stills 7/52

Linking up with Beetleshack :)

My silly gem...Karneval is just around the corner and the Kindergarten is gearing up. I'm loving seeing new decorations added each day. The theme appears to be "more is more"!

Coming up with her owns ideas, plans, strategies and telling me exactly how I can participate in them. Love her.

My new favorite shop downtown. I've been looking into essential oils for home and personal use and just bought a diffuser and a nice handful of oils to start with.

Fearless heart attack giver.

Every year the kids and I paint their upcoming age on the same canvas...#3 is just around the corner for Griffy and the work in progress has begun.

Me. Perfectly imperfect and happy. Germany has made my hair nearly black, my skin much more pale. A different version, still me. The ample supply of chocolate and bakeries does me no favors. But knowing myself more as I get older is fabulous.

Making family recipe noodle soup with Daddy. Note certain someone climbing into the action.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stills 6/52

Following along with Stills with Em from Beetleshack.

Snowdrops: I'm amazed and a little alarmed watching Spring flowers popping up. The purple crocus at the park are gorgeous. Last year at this time we were really deep in winter snow. Is it going to come?? Will the flowers be buried? This is almost too much for me to think about being from much warmer places.

Mini skate park without bike/scooter/laufrad...just running up and down the slopes when the big kids are off doing other things momentarily. Next time we'll be back with wheels.

Our little 5 year old Bird bought her first antique! :) :) We were at Tongeren last Sunday and she bought this super pretty tin box covered in butterflies and gold & red details with her own money. When the seller said "merci beaucoup" Bird skipped off with her tin box saying "merci mowcoo!". Heart melt.

Little curiosity shelf is all glued up and sealed since this picture. Loved making it, every bit of it. Took some time but I'm already loving seeing all the little things living inside - Hello Kitty, a random penguin, mini rubber ducky, race car, shell from Spain, etc etc. I think it will be a place for good imaginary play. I got the idea (and many more ideas) from the Creative Family Home book.

A beautiful morning here today. 

Rambles: Jared sprained his ankle at basketball practice last night and hobbled to and from the kindergarten with me. We had a decent German class and off he went to work. I put on an extra shirt and scarf and think I'm potentially getting a cold. Phylo and I took a short walk & picked up Griffin...he's napping in the stroller (he regularly naps on Tuesday) and it's nearly time to pick up Bird. Hoping it's nice enough outside to play with water and possibly glitter. Sounds exciting at least...can you tell I'm tired?

Love & sunshine,
Devon xo

Monday, February 3, 2014


I've been doing stills along with Em from Beetleshack for over a month now! That's definitely some kind of record for me. I already love looking at past weeks, and my mama guilt feels pretty subdued since this feels like a decent recording of our little ones' early years.

Looking down as we walk many treasures...tiniest mushrooms, seed pods, all glistening with frost.

More block printing this week. One of the things on my "to learn in 2014" list is putting together a semi-complex quilt made entirely with my own printed fabrics.

A bit of first-aid training/play at the kindergarten. At pick up she came running to me with a bandaged head and wrapped wrist - the huge smile let me know everything was fine.

Ice and salt and lots of colored water in the afternoon. We also turned it into a mini-volcano.

Sink bath after cleaning up poop in the leggings. Sorry for sharing that.

She thought my belt needed a daisy.

Early frosty morning balloon launch. It was exciting, especially when the rising balloon nearly took out the tree a few meters from me. *Walked away quickly*

Turning a battered drawer compartment into a curiosity cabinet.

Have an excellent week :o)
xoxo Devon