Monday, February 17, 2014

Stills 7/52

Linking up with Beetleshack :)

My silly gem...Karneval is just around the corner and the Kindergarten is gearing up. I'm loving seeing new decorations added each day. The theme appears to be "more is more"!

Coming up with her owns ideas, plans, strategies and telling me exactly how I can participate in them. Love her.

My new favorite shop downtown. I've been looking into essential oils for home and personal use and just bought a diffuser and a nice handful of oils to start with.

Fearless heart attack giver.

Every year the kids and I paint their upcoming age on the same canvas...#3 is just around the corner for Griffy and the work in progress has begun.

Me. Perfectly imperfect and happy. Germany has made my hair nearly black, my skin much more pale. A different version, still me. The ample supply of chocolate and bakeries does me no favors. But knowing myself more as I get older is fabulous.

Making family recipe noodle soup with Daddy. Note certain someone climbing into the action.



Michelle said...

I've always wanted to visit Germany! Your photos are delightful. Best wishes for what is left of this week :)

My Mid-Afternoon Daydream said...

Oh thank you Michelle! We really love Germany :o) I hope you can visit someday. I know we'll miss it when we move on at some point.