Monday, February 24, 2014

Stills 8/52

Stills...following along with Beetleshack.

Huge rosehips mingling with blackberry vines starting to waken.

The sleeping game.

Organizing all the crafty bits.

Phylo, who doesn't enjoy having his picture taken but shamelessly expressing his desire to go for a walk already.

Drowning in kids artwork...I love it all, don't know what to part with, have to deal with, it grows daily, hourly!

Back massages.

The animal doctor (Tierartz) at work.

First mini-daffodils. Rays of happiness.

This week...oh this week - and last week for that matter. Sooo sick...bronchitis, pink eye, hacking away, energy-less, head throbbing, why doesn't it go away??...hoping to turn a healthy corner in a day or two or I'm off to the doctor. It really gets me thinking seriously about my health...quitting sugar for good? Enforcing earlier bedtime? I think I really need to do myself some favors.

xo Devon


Mandi Poppyfoxathome said...

I simply love your home happenings, I'm jealous of your craft supply organisation though. Mines messy and in such a dissaray. you have inspired me to get my act together. xx have a great week xx

My Mid-Afternoon Daydream said...

Thanks Mandi, it's my attempt to get everything in one place before purging out/using up what we don't need anymore. At least that's how my silly brain needs it done. & have a lovely week yourself! :)