Thursday, June 28, 2007

new etsy wares

while in the middle of a major kitchen remodel (not yet finished...but getting there!) i decided to participate in Bazaar Bizarre which was being held at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. somehow i pulled off sewing up some 50 new plush animals and had a fabulous time at the event! i was left with just a few little guys and they are now in my shop at Etsy just waiting to be adopted. i also had some new paintings & prints and the they are also in the shop. the painting below is 'gussie sees something new':

a baby penguin and his mama are out for a stroll on the ice when they find something they've never seen before. hopefully a sweet take on the important topic of global warming.

& today i finished a little manatee painting - he's a cute little guy. i'm actually liking the manatees so much that i drew up more sketches to make into paintings. i'll have those prints at the shop really soon as well.

a fun shot from my studio:

have a lovely day!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

so much to catch up on!'s been more than 3 months since i last posted here. but, in that time i've been SO busy doing other cool stuff so hopefully i'm redeemed somehow :o)

just got back from montana - actually a road trip from home in sj, cali, all the way to bozeman, montana. nevada was a disappointment to be honest - every stop for a bathroom break seemed to be at a gas station/casino joint - what?? from pumping gas in bright desert daylight you walk into a darkened, smoky and stale smelling joint with ding ding ding! going off in little sing songs - blehh! i forget how nice it is that you can't smoke inside establishments in california.

as soon as we neared idaho things got really pretty and much more like 'we love our state and we take care of it'. idaho was awesome - i'd love to go back! and montana was even more of a good thing. we camped with j's family in a cool little rustic cabin (no water, electricity, etc.) right next to the 'big creek' - nice cold rushing river. we went on hikes and bike rides and traversed through nearby yellowstone national park (i saw a moose!!...and tons of bison, elk, etc.) & later in the week we packed it up and hit the hot springs pool and tried to make ourselves pretty for j's sister's wedding in bozeman. it was a blast - can't wait go back!
the cutest little ground squirrel we saw while hiking to a waterfall in yellowstone national park.

my sis in law, alexa....she makes gorgeous purses - website in progress.

my adorable obviously loves to dance!!

me and jared having fun outside the dance hall at the wedding...beautiful views and a bit of montana brew...mmmm :o)