Thursday, September 25, 2008

something to think about...

I admit I've been curious about "EC"
If you're brave, click on the links :o)

diaper free baby

natural wisdom

I figure they're doing it all over the world, why not give it a fair shake? We're pretty comfortable in our society yet we can really learn a lot from other cultures. It's so funny to see how 'hot' slings are these days when people have been carrying their babies around in slings since ancient times. I do still get funny looks at the park when carrying Mbird in a sling, or ergo, or some other carrier. But maybe they're looking at me funny for other reasons - lady being dragged by hound dog yelping ferociously at squirrels and the lady happens to be carrying a baby - in a sling. That's probably what it is :o)



Charlie said...

I a had a whole book about it. read it cover to cover.
But there should be a disclaimer that says "does not work with colicky babies."
That shot my wheels off.
And then with Baby R, I just gave up.

It is possible though, I have met suburban American moms that have done it.

Devon said...

yes, there's actually a lot of folks around here that do it...well, a lot of folks within a certain niche i should say. so far we haven't had much luck, but our efforts have been lukewarm at best. need to embrace it all the way, or go home...diapers are a pretty easy cop out.