Monday, August 20, 2007

Global Cooling?

now that's something to think about...

we seem so far off from actually being able to reverse climate change, but i love the optimism and cheerful defiance of this statement from 'darwin design clothing company'. it's a mini company of 3 lovely folks, plus darwin the cat :o)

they currently offer 4 gorgeous shirts, each hand screened with a different endangered species - the gentoo penguin, the arctic polar bear, the bengal tiger, and the red-eyed tree frog. each of the shirts carries a message and lets the shirt bearer proudly support a change toward doing things a little differently, while also contributing to the 'earth island institute' which has been fighting global climate change since 1982.

i love what they're doing and just need to decide which 't' i want! as many of you know, i am also passionate about the animals on our planet (from the local abandoned/abused animals from my own neighborhood, to the big cats of india) and it makes me beyond ecstatic when i see people stepping up and doing something for the better. it's so true of that statement...'if we all did a little'...

Check out darwin design clothing and pick up a tee!

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