Saturday, October 4, 2008

etsy friday faves on saturday

Yesterday was a toughie - so much so I don't feel like rehashing but will say that sometimes I wonder if I'm going get through the day without losing my sanity. Being a parent is really challenging! There are times (like when Mbird is overtired & fussy all day and there's no one around to help or bring relief till say 5:30pm) I think I'm going to lose it. Of course, the next day I usually feel much better. Even in the middle of the night, when I'm nursing her and things are quiet and peaceful I tend to see the bigger picture and get back to feeling like everything's going to be OK. Up until Miranda was born I had zero baby experience and the closest I ever got to kids was when I was painting murals in their rooms or seeing my nephews every other Christmas. I guess I should have expected some adjustment eh? :o) In the end, we'd have it no other way - this girl has us completely smitten and we love her to bits.

Now...this week's etsy faves! Some lovely birds to share...

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Charlie said...

whoa, cork fabric.

pencil case + cork fabric = japanese school girl, big time.