Friday, June 4, 2010

Seeing (with New Eyes)

When I was little I always said I had 3 wishes:

To be able to sing.

To be able to breathe underwater.

To have perfect vision.

At 13 I got my scuba certification after I came to grips that I would never become a mermaid.

I've been a part of many musicals but never for my singing ability (I can dance & therefore get hidden in with the chorus). I'm OK with that.

And yesterday I got my perfect vision wish. I'm awestruck, amazed, in disbelief - I can really see!! Words can't express how grateful I am.

And giddy :o)

Check out what I've been working on over here at Spoonflower.
More to come! Full speed ahead!


Have a beautiful weekend & thanks for stopping by, really.



bari said...

How exciting! I'd totally love to do that!

My Mid-Afternoon Daydream said...

You should! If you're like me you've been wearing glasses/contacts for more than half your life. It's a great investment in your life, work, well being, etc.

Valerie Krist said...

Congrats!! That must feel so amazing :)

Laura Zarrin said...

So jealous, but good for you. I've had glasses since I was 7. My eye doctor never understood why I needed to be able to see my baby in the middle of the night without fumbling for glasses. Great fabric!!! Yay, you!

Klay said...

Congratulations on a wish come true!

Singing was one of my dreams but unless they invent a laser that can change your voice, the only one who will listen to me sing is the dog.

My Mid-Afternoon Daydream said...

Klay, Oh my gosh someone will probably invent that someday!

Thanks Laura!

Wendy Wright said...

Yay! Congrats! :). Your fabric looks awesome! :)

My Mid-Afternoon Daydream said...

Thanks Wendy :o) :o)