Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkins everywhere...!!

Uesugi Pumpkin Patch
It seems like we can't get enough of pumpkin patches this October - and of course all the things that go along with them: train rides, carousels, hay mazes, wagon rides, and just frolicking in that awesome hay.

Uesugi Pumpkin Patch
We've had unusually warm weather for Fall (like over 90 today!) and it's been lovely being outside ALL the time - just soaking it up. I'm a Summer girl...and of course I'm from Panama too so I really should say I'm a warm weather girl. In any case, I'll try again to have a good attitude about the upcoming Winter and Spring (Spring is actually most challenging as it rains endlessly at times and the sun barely says hello - I'm sure I'll be so busy w/ #2 starting in March I'll hardly notice eh?).

Uesugi Pumpkin Patch
After seeing the 1001 scarecrows at the farm we went to I'd kind of like to make one and set it up in our garden. I bet Bird would love it.

Hugs, Devon

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Lauren H. said...

I heard you had a pumpkin fetish! :P