Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Late Night Install & a Little Ladybug

It was a late night but I got my art show installed at The Abbey in Santa Cruz yesterday. Unfortunately my photos are blurry and dark but you'll get the idea. It's a small show - just 21 pieces. It looks really fun all together - a grouping of my watercolors & paintings on wood as well as the fabrics I've made either directly from the artwork or into repeats inspired by the art.

I had to wait till the space was closed (it's essentially a coffee shop/hang out space for Vintage Faith Church) to install so I didn't get to start till after 8 & didn't make it over the hill from Santa Cruz till nearly 11. Tired today but still so much left to do for the sale I'm doing Thursday night.

Bird is sitting on my lap eating an apple...short nap today. I'm hoping my friend who offered to have her come hang out with her little guy is still up for it :o) I've finished all the plushes and accessories but have lots of sewn goods still to make. With time to kill before the install yesterday I got to swing by Hart's Fabric and pick up some lovely FQ's to fill some gaps in my stash for the next project.

Install for show at The Abbey

Install for show at The Abbey

Install for show at The Abbey

Install for show at The Abbey

Install for show at The Abbey

I suppose I have to share a Halloween picture or two! We had an awesome time trick or treating with Bird - she's really grasped the concept this year :o)




Happy Tuesday and beginning of November to you!
Hugs, Devon


Laura Zarrin said...

Your work looks great! I can't believe how much you've accomplished in such a short time! Give me the details of the show. Not sure if I can get up there, but I'll try. Miranda looks so adorable in her costume!

Lauren H. said...

Your hard work looks awesome on display! I love the large lawn mower painting.

Design Elements said...

your works is great! lovely and beautiful!

Wendy Wright said...

Beautiful work and Bird looks adorable in her costume! :)