Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Santa Cruz morning

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

We've started hitting up a different Santa Cruz beach after hearing the rangers were ticketing dog owners at Its Beach who weren't following the leash policy. It's actually not so bad though...Mitchell Cove is just a little further down the stretch and has been surprisingly varied throughout the different seasons. The first time we went it was covered in a low tide of kelp forest seaweed (bulbous masses) and tons of flies (yech). Sunday was just gorgeous - the mosses were emerald green and the sandstone and ice plants seem to scream out with color. There were a handful of friendly dogs & owners and enough open space for all to explore.

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

This picture captures the joy of running from the surf as well as the agony of feeling your iPhone dropping from your pocket into the ocean. All's well now.

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

Mmmm, moss...Grandma & Bird admired its beauty.

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

Phylo wanted to climb the rocks too! We helped him up there a couple of times then he managed to get up all on his own with a good running start.
Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

The coolest cave.

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

Funny thing about the ocean here - it's supremely cold at first then you just get used to it and start romping around like the dogs do :o) Of course, you'll usually see people in bare feet with wool sweaters on. It *is* still early spring here.

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

Loving having my lens back.

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

A day is not complete without lots of jumping off things (and in this day's case, a whole lot of cliff climbing too - the girl is unafraid!). Jared is excited to finally have someone who will likely bungee jump and sky dive with him (in the future of course - how young do they allow kids to do those things?? Scary!).

A perfect morning in Santa Cruz (with or w/o your furry friend): hit a beach to get your feet wet and sandy - Mitchell's Cove or another less crowded one, then take a walk along the ocean (W. Cliff Dr.) and watch the surfers battle it out for waves, then head over for coffee & breakfast burritos at Emily's on Mission. If you have young people with you (who still nap) this may be the end of your day and time to head back over the mountain. But if not, you could always then go play disc golf at the local course, or go hit up the boardwalk rides & arcade. Another awesome place to get a bite to eat is Charlie Hong Kong's which is where we ate on Sunday, followed by a little meandering through Greenspace (both on Soquel). And if you're fabric nutty like me then you would absolutely not miss the opportunity to go around the corner on Seabright Ave. to Hart's Fabric!

Seriously fun stuff in Santa Cruz...enjoy :o)

Hugs, Devon
39 weeks pregnant, totally uncomfortable & irritated, trying to maintain great attitude


Amy said...

Grandma looks pretty stylish! Gorgeous day and I love Hart's too!

Laura Zarrin said...

I'll have to check out that beach, it's beautiful! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm blushing and I wish. Hang in there Mama.

Wendy Wright said...

I LOVE Santa Cruz! :) What a wonderful day you and your family had. Bird is growing like a weed! So cute! :)