Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mater was telling the truth

This is a post just for Jared (so he'll stop bugging me)...

lightning mcqueen

"Mater was telling the truth!" That's what Bird's Lightning McQueen toy says among other slightly annoying but sorta cute sayings. But Jared pointed out that there isn't any scene in the Cars movie in which Mater would be telling the truth or not. So apparently this is a spoiler eh? In the new Cars movie there must be a situation with Mater being hung out to dry, where no one believes him. But now folks, a little toy car tells you the truth - that Mater was indeed telling the truth.

lightning mcqueen

There ya go babe ;o)


Jared said...

I'm not crazy... eventually you'll be sayin "Jared was telling the truth!"

generation veXed said...

I googled 'Mater was telling the truth' for the very same reason. He just doesn't say it in Cars does he. Jared, I am with you!