Monday, July 16, 2012


Brief pause in the rain. Hanging at the park! #aachen #germany Endless rain, chill, and dark skies. Starting to get to me. We finally got a bulb in! (had to get it from the states) Loving the shadows. #ikea #maskros Our for a walk with Phylo dog before the next storm hits. Munching on dried mango Jared brought back for me (Trader Joe's!) Mud puddle stomping :) Because the rain we've had all week apparently is not enough Funny face snack for Bird. With a walnut #moustache of course. #face #funny #snack #kids Little ball of Phylo dog waiting for me to get kiddos to bed. #germanshorthairpointer #dog Every last bit of dad's chicken noodle soup Morning treasure hunting walk Smell this one mom Windy rainy cloudy then sunny chilly and blustery day #aachen #germany #sky #clouds #lily #aachen #germany #zoo My hair is getting so long but I think I want to keep it

Happy Birthday to me...34 years. This birthday finds me in a chilly, rainy German summer which I'm having trouble dealing with. My inner cheerleader is pushing me to find a better attitude. Refuse the idea to wallow at my computer in self pity. STOP looking out the window. You just did it again. Stop looking out the window!

I've downloaded a new weather app that shows a more realistic forecast for the week as the iPhone weather app would show rain as the day's forecast even if it's just a 10% chance. So as you can imagine, my phone has been an endless stream of rain, rain, rain forecasts.

I'm sorry to complain so much. There's much more to life. In fact, this is probably really good for me to experience. This whole move to Germany, and all that preceded it (with Jared traveling) have really made me shape up, grow up, take responsibility, have more confidence. Act my 34 years maybe? I was just hoping for SUMMER, you know? I'll have it again I know. In time.

I just looked out the window again. I think I'd better keep myself moving and busy for the rest of the kid's nap/rest time. Here's to life, the good & bad, the sunshine & rain, the ups & downs.

Hugs from Germany,

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Lauren H. said...

Happy Birthday Devon! You sure are a trooper. I miss you and your little lisp, hearty laugh, kind spirit & amazing creativity. Hope you get some sun to help the celebration soon! -Lauren

My Mid-Afternoon Daydream said...

Lauren, thank you!! You are missed! Hope you guys are well and enjoying life. I didn't know I had a lisp, haha! I totally believe you as you are one of the most perceptive people I know. Wish we could hang out. Hopefully again someday!

Karin said...

Hi Devon, I have been following your blog for a while now and I have to cheer you up just a little...hopefully. I am Austrian, used to live in Munich for 7 years and am now in Switzerland close to the German believe me, I know what summers are usually like in this part of the world and this is NOT normal. It has been a terrible June/July but you should be looking forward to a lovely autumn...warm and sunny. It will come! And maybe you will see another summer...a real one;-) next year. It must be hard. We have only just moved to our new home 2 months ago, so I know how hard it is to make friends and find things to do for the little one(s).
Shame you are quite far away...would have loved to meet you.
So, let's hope for a few hot days soon and good luck with "the Germans";-)

Miss Mommy said...

Happy Birthday! Hopefully something fun arrives at your door soon. I'm glad you one day of good weather and hope there are more.