Friday, July 20, 2007

home sweet home

I'll be in Panama for the next few days!! Mostly in the Panama City area with a night in El Valle and a night at the beach (of course!). I can't say how ecstatic I am to go to the beach again. Living in Cali is really fun and we love it but I feel almost landlocked sometimes because the water is so chilly - I never have the desire to play and swim in the ocean like I do in Panama. I'll also get to see my best friend Lucy again :o) We've known each other since the age of 9 and now she has two little girls and lives in an amazing house on the coast. I'm taking the girls some special little things from my shop.

Have a great weekend!! I'll be back and will post pictures from the trip - should be lovely and colorful...


Charlie said...

I meant to ask you about Panama instead of going on about my silly trip!
(and yeah, I haven't gone in the water here since I was a kid)

Devon said...

so many things to talk about, so little time!! :o)