Friday, February 20, 2009

The 8 Month Charmer

Poppin' in to say hello and share these oh so lovely pics of the Bird. Enjoy and happy weekend to you!!

Love love love this picture...she's really into the camera these days.

Like I said, really into the camera.

Tired, thoughtful, curious...cute :o)

Lovin' to sit and play, though sometimes she'll grab what she's choosing to play with, sit nicely, then realize the caterpillar, rattle, or 'loch ness monster' is now out of reach.

This just cracks me up...oh dearie, you kill me :o)

xo, devon


Jared said...

those are some of the best pictures I've ever seen (the high def versions). Of course I'm a little partial to the subject but still I love em.

The blog page is looking nicer... Gotta love the donuts in there!

Christina R. Keelan said...

oh man. those are stinkin cute. i had to laugh a little and freak out my cat but...nothing like a baby playing with a loch ness monster or making a squishy face to brighten a rainy sunday ^_^