Thursday, February 5, 2009

the scramble

Miranda's crawling!

We lowered her mattress (yikes, that's a change), removed her bumpers (nice lump on her noggin already), put away the crib skirt as it doesn't fit anymore (bummer, it was cute), and now we're fixing/putting away/reorganizing things daily (if not hourly) as Miranda is making her way around.

It's fun...but we definitely weren't ready (nothing new! hahaha :o)

Now I get to freak out constantly at all the things she chooses to 'explore' - chair legs, door thresholds, phylo's toys, shoes - wow, so gross!

And this little guy is none too happy about it either!

xo, devon :o)


Laura Zarrin said...

Yikes! Now you know why she couldn't sleep!

devon industry said...

I've heard that can happen, but why?? If I learned an awesome new skill at a yoga class I'm betting I'd sleep pretty well at night!