Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nine is a great number

It's been a busy week 'round the Holzy household.  Miranda's birthday Monday, Phylo's birthday Wednesday, now Jared's and my ninth wedding anniversary today!

Nine years of marriage and 13+ years together :o)  That's something to smile about.

And so is this.  You gotta love the cheesy photographer we had.  Making Jared peek through a hole in the tree like a hobbit.  We've got a whole slew of others like this.  At the time we were so giddy we never said "hey, we're paying you to have us do what??"  Then later we were irritated.  Now I think they're pretty cute.  Funny what time does.

It's been a beautiful 9 years of adventurous good times.  I love you so much Jared!  Can't wait for the grandparents to visit so we can get out of here and go see a movie or something.

And please let's plan something fabulous for next year.



Jared said...

I love you Devon!

Maybe 9 has to be so hard so 10 can seem even better.

Miss Mommy said...

Oh! How sweet! I love the hobbit picture!

Charlie said...

you guys look pretty much the same-- darn you! ;)