Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Stuffy Gorgeous Afternoon

Losing the battle to my second cold in 3 weeks (what??). Not happy about it. But I'm continuing on with my "can't take anything" (as in, no hard core cold medicine) regimen of neti pot with salt water, airborne, and oscillococcinum. It does seem to be helping me at least feel human and functional.

Bird is napping...only because I got wise about using a baby gate. This is one of those days she wasn't into the nap idea but I was really into it. Thank you baby gate. And thank you to Bird for being so sweet & playing for a bit and then getting yourself into bed and covering yourself with the duvet and the blanket. Left me with nothing to do but get myself some hot tea & prepare for the afternoon ahead.

We're meeting with a mortgage broker today to see about refinancing...big stuff. Please cross your fingers, say a prayer that we're able to accomplish this. It really is about taking care of our future selves. Which is hard to do (meaning you make sacrifices here & now in the present) but will make life easier later on. It's the responsible thing to do - wow, J and I are so grown up now ;o)

In other news...my clay class is over but I have a gazillion projects left to complete. Here are the house numbers I'm working on for our place.

Hand carved stoneware clay forming into house numbers 
And in what I think is even bigger news (since I'm hardwired to the sun) it's been freaking gorgeous here!! Talk about a mood lifter :o) Sending sunshine to everyone!!

Hugs, Devon

ps - yes, that's an iphone picture above...still no fixed Nikon.


Lauren H. said...

Wow, love those tiles! You are so talented! Get out in the sun and get some vit D in the system. Good luck with the finances. Night night.

Klay said...

Sorry you're sick Devon. I was sick two times in a row in my 8th month and I KNOW it's not fun at all. I also hope the refinance goes well, I also did that and it was so much easier than purchasing a house and beneficial. I hope it is for you guys too. Those house numbers are gorgeous - will you be glazing them? I hope to see you guys soon, another sunny day in the bay :)

Steve & Diane said...

Wow! Love the tiles. Such a great idea. Maybe I'll add it to my list of future projects.