Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Here she is!

After waiting for forever to our little girl! She's due in June and we are so excited - especially after seeing her via ultrasound last week. It's so amazing I can't even describe it. We can't wait to see her in full color :o)

Hope you enjoy the pics!
Have a really lovely day and thanks for stopping by...xo, devon


Miss Mommy said...

Hi baby!! Love the pics! Thanks for sharing.

paintchipdiaries said...

Yay! Such a lucky little girl to have you as a mom!

Cheryl said...

wow! amazing, can't wait to meet her!

Charlie said...

I'm so excited!!!!

I prayed that you'd get a girl. :)

A mom like you deserves one.

I'll pull some couture from Baby C's wardrobe for you.

la cubana gringa said...

So exciting! Thanks for sharing the news! Congrats!! xoxo

Wendy said...

How exciting!! CONGRATS!

David said...

Conratulations! I'm very happy for you! Thanks for posting the ultrasound pictures.