Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The perfect fabrics...

This is SO hard for me! I know what I want for our dining room...it's in my head. But I never seem to find exactly the right one, though I love so many out there. These are so lovely:

A little insight...the dining room is now a sky blue (pictures soon!). It used to be a cringing shade of goldfish sherbet orange (yes, I painted it...). And the living room is a gorgeous blue-green shade that I mixed from the sky blue of dining room, the ceiling color from the kitchen, and the color from the hallway. It came out so perfect. I can say that with all honesty because I'm so often disappointed in paint colors that don't meet expectation. I have high color standards!! :o) I also painted the fireplace mantle wall a deep khaki brown and brought that color into the built-ins in the dining room. Pretty cool...

So my dilemma is finding a fabric with the soft blues, greens, and browns, but with a little punch of red-orange. I'm not above sewing some things together to get the right combo...just need to find them. Any favorite fabric shops out there? I mostly check out repro depot and purl soho, and when I make it to Santa Cruz it's fun to hit up Hart's Fabric. It can be a headspin to walk into a brick and mortar fabric shop...sometimes it's easier online when you can have some distance, though then you can't tell the exact colors you're looking at.

Okey doke...back to work for a bit. Today I'm sewing a big ol' owl and helping a client with colors for their kitchen - fun stuff :o)

xo, devon

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