Monday, January 12, 2009

The List

I've got the resolutions list down - I'm sure I'm missing plenty of things, but for now this looks pretty good. And heck, it's a lot of stuff!! It's going to be a busy, challenging, but hopefully very rewarding year.

How about you?
Have you planned out your wish list for 2009?

Here goes mine (in no particular order):

1) Write wills to include Miranda, Phylo & Sanguine.

2) Paint all the trim in the house.
We have a soon to be crawler and all that loose flaking paint sure ain't edible (and since this house is from 1918 there's the possibility of lead).

3) Finish Miranda's mural and room.
Little by little, in between naps...

4) Set up college savings for Mbird.

5) Design and print a fabric line.
Finding my way back to the textile world - starting this year! I'm hungry for it - it's going to be a lot of hard work (and not easy for me - the marketing part, ugh), but I really want this and I'm willing to get beyond myself.

6) Spruce up my shop & blog to best represent Devon Industry.

7) Clean up the cottage (my studio) & make it pretty.
Not just functional and organized but super duper lovely, can't wait to get out there even though it's 40 degrees sort of lovely :o) (add to that, set up space heater).

8) Host at least 4 creative nights in the cottage - 1 per season.
Wouldya like to come hang out and make stuff? Drinks and yummies and good conversation??

9) Learn Illustrator.
Re-learn Illustrator - should have been paying better attention the first time...

10) Pick a direction for my business, make a plan, design a look, market it.
From my Mural Studio to Devon Industry I have so many outlets and specialties - too many. It's time to downsize, commit to what I really want to focus on, then move forward. Hopefully with a plan I won't be so tempted to stray into things that seem more fun or easy, thus keeping me further from my goals.

11) Save one day a week specifically for painting/illustration - get a babysitter.
It's time...Mbird is ready (maybe more than me) to hang out with a babysitter a few hours a week. I need to get more done than just a half hour here and there. At least I work from home - I don't think I could handle leaving my Bird at a daycare at this point!

12) At least 1 cardio workout a week, in addition to our daily walks.
Hopefully more, but gotta start somewhere!

13) Learn to make the Paris chocolate cake.
The day we left Paris (just 3 lovely days - Oct. '07) we grabbed lunch from a patisserie on the way to the train station. After downing superbly delicious sandwiches, we ate the most marvelous chocolate cake while sitting on our suitcases waiting for the train to Germany. It was fantastic - sort of a ganache, definitely decadent.

14) Throw a big backyard party to celebrate Miranda's 1st birthday.
Loaded resolution/goal for sure...this involves re-doing nearly our entire backyard. I get all giddy thinking about it actually - I love love love to work outside and can't wait to get my fingers in the dirt, put up a shady arbor, build our own pizza oven, etc., etc. M's birthday is in June so we better get started. (by the way, she still gets a party even if we don't finish the backyard...we're not that hardcore!)

15) Learn how and start to make yogurt, mozzarella & farmer's cheese, and butter.
Prompted first by reading 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle', then 'Nourishing Traditions Cookbook'.

16) At least 1 camping trip this year.
Somewhere not too far, but very cool - I get the Weekend Sherpa every week which has tons of good ideas.

17) Clean and organize the basement and garage.
More Jared's department, but I plan to help.

18) Practice this mantra: do more with less, repair instead of replace, acquire an item/remove an item, use what we have, make it before buying it.

19) Incorporate ASL (American Sign Language - through Sign With Your Baby book) into our everyday language with Mbird.

Wow, 19! Funny how that makes me want to think of one more to make 20 :o) I think I'll leave well enough alone and take the 19.

Hope you have fun coming up with resolutions too - should be a great adventure this year!

xo, devon


Laura Zarrin said...

Wow! That's a big list. Good luck, it'll be fun to cross things off as you go. Creative nights sound great! My mother-in-law makes yogurt every week. I think it's really easy. Let me know if you have a question. I'll ask her.

lex said...

Yeah Devon! Love your list!
I googled "Ginseng Orchard chocolate Joel Dewberry" and your blog came up #5!

Christina R. Keelan said...

Your list is inspiring! hahah Seriously... There are a couple things on there I have GOT to get a grip on (mostly just making a serious plan for the creative juices... Its a sort of work in progress though heheh)... And I call dibs on the b-sitting hahaha errr Come March ^_^

hello there! said...

You got it Christina! Wish we'd see you sooner than march but it's ok - we'll hang in there :o) :o)

Laura, you're officially invited! I'll let you know when the first get together will be - the studio ain't looking so hot yet but it's getting there. Oh, yes, I should ask you about yogurt - there are so many ways to do it. I'd love to know how your MIL makes it.

Lex! Thanks for saying hello :o) Too funny that my blog came up for Joel Dewberry fabric with just that one little mention in a post - strange and wonderful how the web works. Glad you found me though - are you using JD fabrics? They're fabulous!